In Partnership with The Foot & Gait Clinic

Taunton Chiropractic and the Foot & Gait Clinic

Taunton Chiropractic are in partnership with the Foot & Gait Clinic to ensure each step back to your best is a comfortable and efficient one.

We are delighted to be in Partnership with Taunton’s premier Podiatry & Chiropody clinic. With over 35 years of experience the Foot & Gait Clinic help us get you back on your feet and help us to propel you back to your best.

A word from Alastair…

“We are looking forward to welcoming you to our lovely practice. All of our highly qualified and caring team are ready to offer you the best quality treatment with outstanding service. We have found over our 35 years experience that working with other specialists brings the best results for our patients. This is what fundamentally matter to us. Therefore we warmly embrace our collaboration with Taunton Chiropractic.”